Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Raw Food Diet

Hello Readers!

If you are looking to get into the raw food diet but don’t know where to start, we offer a great diet created by our very own Dr. B! The diet was created and researched by Dr. B and has our own guarantee to give your pets the right balance of nutrients and tastiness.

Our pets are related to their wild counterparts in a closer degree of connection than we think, so keeping up the original diet rich in proteins and greens. Most commercial brands are filled with low-protein diet and even more grains. This is not good for our pets, and can actually harm them. Plus with all the additives, the dyes, and the excessive heat used to bake the food, the nutrients continue to go down. Our very own Dr. Buchoff has created several different recipes for your dogs and cats to eat – each one with the proper amount of nutrients, proteins, fatty acids, and other goodies.
The diets for dogs include a naturally raised and grass-fed meat (beef, chicken, and turkey), as well as eggs, vegetables, pharmaceutical grade bone meal powder (rich in nutrients for your dog). This diet helps encourage a healthy coat, healthy eating habits, and overall good health for your beloved pet. By going back to a diet our pets would have enjoyed in the wild, we are not only feeding them the best of what we can give them, but we are also helping ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition.
Diets for cats include naturally raised and grass-fed turkey and chicken (without any antibiotics or added hormones), vegetables, bone meal powder (again pharmaceutical grade and tested for nutrients and safe absorption). This diet ensures that the cats are getting a simple meal without all the preservatives that we can find in dry foods today.

For more information about the diet, check out this page.


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