Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Holistic Pet Care Procedures

Pet owners are likely to be very pleased to find a wide range of holistic pet care Little Falls NJ services which are available through several providers in the region. While convectional treatment options may work for infectious diseases, holistic approaches to health and wellness provide alternatives which do not necessarily include medications and surgery. This means that holistic pet care may be more effective in treating chronic conditions than conventional approaches.

Though holistic approaches to wellness and health may be more effective in managing chronic conditions in pets, it does not mean that convectional approaches, such as surgery in emergency situations, are not useful.

Additionally, the procedures that are involved in holistic pet care practices are backed by research as well as concrete studies and have been shown to be very effective. Once you have switched to holistic pet care from traditional veterinarian care, you are likely to start noticing a change in your pet’s health, energy, as well as well-being. 

Types of holistic pet care procedures available in Little Falls, NJ
The following are some of the holistic pet care procedures available:

-Holistic Homeopathy
Homeopathy is one of the Holistic Pet Care Little Falls NJ services available to pet owners here in Little Falls. Homeopathy involves balancing the energy within an animal in order to treat or heal a particular condition. Homeopathy relies more on diet as opposed to vaccines and preventive immunization. The principle behind homeopathic medicines is that the body can heal itself if it given a chance to do so.

-Massage Therapy 
Massage therapy promotes natural healing by stimulating blood flow as well as nerve endings. This helps relieve tension, loosens up tight muscles, and leads to faster recovery and healing. Additionally, massage helps lower blood pressure as well as improving immunity, which in turn help prevent disease and illness. Holistic Pet Care Little Falls NJ provides massage therapy services that are pleasurable and comfortable to your pet. 

-Animal Acupuncture 
Holistic Pet Care Little Falls NJ also offers animal acupuncture procedures. This is an ancient Chinese treatment method that has been used for many years. Acupuncture helps stimulate blood flow in certain areas of the body in order to facilitate healing. These procedures are available here in Little Falls. Your veterinarian will make use of lasers, needles, as well as electrical stimulation tactics while trying to channel positive energy to specific pressure point on the body of your pet. This procedure has been found to be effective in treating digestion issues, pains, and hip dysplasia; as well as epilepsy. Acupuncture also helps enhance mood and disposition in some pets.

-Herbal Remedies 
Animal clinics in Little Falls can provide herbal recommendations that you can use to treat your pet's acute or chronic conditions. However, before you can give your pet medications, supplements, as well as herbal remedies, involve your veterinarian. This is because these substances can lead to interference with absorption as well as metabolism of one another. Herbal supplements can also cause adverse reactions or even become toxic if used inappropriately.

-Chiropractic Care 
Animal clinics in Little Falls also provide chiropractic care. Chiropractic manipulations have been used effectively in animal clinics to treat nerve damage and pain in pets. These procedures lead to improved overall health of the organs because they help realign the vertebrae. Chiropractic manipulations mostly help with issues related to gastrointestinal system as well as the heart.

Holistic pet care is an all-natural approach to caring for your pets. They are mostly safe for your pet and you should not therefore fear to embrace them for the well –being of your pets.


  1. Hi, I’m Diane C. Brown.I have read your articles. It’s very helpful & it’s very important for us. Though holistic approaches to wellness and health may be more effective in managing chronic conditions in pets, it does not mean that convectional approaches, such as surgery in emergency situations, are not useful.

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