Friday, March 6, 2015

Holistic Pet Care Little Falls NJ

Pet-owners will be pleased to find a wide range of alternative treatments in Pet Care Little Falls NJ available through many providers in the region. These holistic approaches to health and wellness provide owners with options beyond medications and surgery, and that may be effective in treating many chronic conditions effectively.

Some treatment approaches for pet-owners seeking alternatives to conventional veterinary practice include the following:
Holistic homeopathy 
Consumers and pet-owners are fortunate to find homeopathic and Holistic Pet Care Little Falls NJ, and the benchmarks of homeopathy are quite distinct. Homeopathy surrounds balancing the energy within the person or animal in order to treat and heal the condition. This medical model embraces diet and relies of less vaccines and preventative immunizations than conventional medical treatment generally commands. The underlying foundation of homeopathic medicine is that the body can and will heal itself, if it is allowed to do so.

Massage therapy
Massage encourages natural healing by stimulating blood flow and nerve endings, relieving tension, and loosening up tight muscles- all of which contribute to faster recovery and healing. Massage can be an integral part of your pet's treatment when going holistic Little Falls, NJ. Massage is lauded for lowering blood pressure and improving immunity, which can help prevent illness and disease. Massage can also provide great relief for overworked and strained muscle groups. The important thing to remember when providing massage therapy for animals is that it should be pleasurable for the pet, and if they do not appear to be comfortable or enjoying the treatment, stop immediately and notify your vet.

Animal Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that has been used for centuries and that strives to stimulate blood flow in particular areas of the body to facilitate healing. These same principles are extended to services provided by your veterinarian Little Falls, NJ for your pets. The provider attempts to channel the ch'i, or positive energy, to specific pressure points of the body with needles, lasers, and electrical stimulation tactics. Acupuncture has been found to be effective in treating pain, digestion issues, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia in animals. The relief granted by Acupuncture may also contribute to improved mood and disposition in some animals.

Herbal remedies
Ask your provider and Animal Clinic Little Falls NJ for herbal recommendations to treat your animals' chronic or acute conditions. Likewise, let your veterinary provider know when you are giving medications, supplements, and herbal remedies to your pets. These could present an interaction or interference with absorption and metabolism of one-another. There is also a risk of toxicity or adverse reaction when used inappropriately, even though they are considered all-natural.

Chiropractic care
You may not think of chiropractic care when considering Veterinary Little Falls NJ practice, however chiropractic manipulations have been used effectively as a treatment for pain and nerve damage in animals, which can impact overall health of the organs due to realignment of the vertebrae. This includes chronic issues with the gastrointestinal system and heart of many species.

There are tools often used on animals to provide rigorous manipulation during chiropractic treatment, but that could potentially scare dogs and cats, with the noise and stimulation. Many pets may do better with classic, hands-on chiropractic techniques.

Talk with your veterinary provider to determine which alternative methods might be best suited for your pets' distinct issues or conditions. 


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