Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeding raw while saving money

By guest blogger Shell Huber  

You can stretch your raw feeding dollars by supplementing your pet's diet with the uncooked trimmings of your family's dinner. For example, when trimming beef, grizzle and fat can be mixed into whatever variety of Dr. B's you are feeding your pet. And the same is also true for chicken.  Parts that you might not normally eat, such as the gizzard pack, tail and back rib portions can be fed to your pet. Just remember, any bones should be uncooked. Vegetable trimmings can also be added, make sure that they are pet friendly - no onions, leeks, avocados or grapes. When you add vegetables, you are also adding fiber, which will result in more frequent stools. Here is a link to list of vegetables that are good for both dogs and cats: Veggies!
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Think past the bag!
Go Raw!

Shell Huber attended Rutgers University majoring in Biology. After college he worked for, and owned several small start-up companies throughout the years; the most recent being Dr. B's Holistic Pet Products. He has been feeding his dogs a raw diet since the mid 80's, long before it even heard of in the United States. He has studied virtually all aspects of diet and health as it relates to dogs and cats. He also holds a U.S. Merchant Marine Captain's License and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

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