Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tis the Season for Itching

We have recently seen a plethora of cases scratching themselves. Granted, some of these are dogs and cats with fleas, but many are allergy-like skin cases. Most of the time, the food or material that is making them itch is difficult to identify.

As you know, we avoid steroids unless the case is an emergency. However, we have been finding much success using Chinese and Western herbal remedies. Where that is not enough, some cases have responded well to homotoxicology injections using complex homeopathy combined with the pet's own blood to remove the individual toxins that plague the patient.

Very simple solutions work such as adding water to the pet's food so the skin is more hydrated. Another good way to prevent itching in some cases is to stop bathing the pet, since baths dry out the skin and remove protective oils. Brushing every day with a wire slicker brush can stimulate skin glands to produce these comforting skin oils.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, itchiness may be excess internal heat trying to escape the body. Therefore, some pets feel much relief using menthol preparations such as Gold Bond powder or lotion. So many pets need to simply change their diets from processed food to raw diet.  Often, commercial food is the cause of excess body heat. 

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