Success Stories

Here is what our clients have to say about us!

Hank Flores

Description: 3 year old blue-nosed pitbull started visits for skin allergy eruptions all over his body.
Treatments: Dr B's raw diet, Chiropractic, and Supplements.

"Hank has improved almost to perfection!  He draws attention and people stop and ask me about his coat- how shiny and healthy Hank looks!  His weight is normal which shows his muscles all around.  NO more flare ups, skin rashes or yeasty yucky smell on his coat!  He looks great like a happy and healthy dog!  This had happened after only 6 months of raw diet with additional supplements such as Colostrum, Dogtor Rx and Super HBA+."
~ Byron Flores

Bruiser Raffiani

Description: 10.5-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, suffering from joint pain from age.
Treatment: Stem cell therapy

"After less than 3 weeks since receiving this treatment, he is no longer suffering from joint-related pain!  He also has a limp in his front right leg which seems to be abating!"

"His limp is gone!  He's alert, happy, pain free, playful, jumping and a puppy again!"
~ Beri Raffiani


Description: Yorkshire terrier mix suffering from hind leg weakness
Treatments: Laser and chiropractic adjustments
"Amazing results!  Benny can walk faster and for longer periods of time.  He is happier and more energetic!"


Description: Domestic shorthair cat, about 5 years old, suffering from Hyperthyroidism, pancreas disease as well as other illnesses.
Treatment: Chiropractic, Dr B's raw diet, supplements
"Great improvement in energy, immunity and really silky fur!  Dr Buchoff has really worked to get to the bottom of Suki's problems and she is a happy active cat."

Junior Calanni

Description: Shih-tzu, 9 years, suffering from Liver Cancer
Treatments: Ozone, neoplasene, and supplements

"Staff is wonderful at Holistic Pet Care!  Original vet gave him only 2 months to live and we are now on 10 months and going strong thanks to treatments!"
- Rose Calanni

Scotty Fantin

Description: Yorkie, 7 months, came for 'new puppy wellness visit'
Treatments: raw diet, supplements, and baby teeth pulled
"Overall improvement in well being.  He loves his food!  Good formed stools and no more coughing symptoms or tooth pain."
- Patricia Fantin

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